When is registration not registration

Registration with the Supervisory body is not mandatory under GDPR. However today we learn from the redoubtable Ms Denham that her ever growing department will still require us to pay her at least £35 per year. This on top of the massive costs companies are having to spend in implementing the Regulation in the first place.

The ICO do accept that we don’t have to register under GDPR but have decided to invoke the Digital Economy Act in order to grab as much money as they can.

“When the new data protection legislation comes into effect next year there will no longer be a requirement to notify the ICO in the same way. However, a provision in the Digital Economy Act means it will remain a legal requirement for data controllers to pay the ICO a data protection fee. These fees will be used to fund the ICO’s data protection work. As now, any money the ICO receives in fines will be passed directly back to the Government.”

Now how they expect to

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