Virtual Data Protection Officer

There is no legal requirement under UK GDPR for councils to employ a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

For those of you who do want one, UK GDPR allows you to have a Virtual Data Protection Officer. That is, someone who understands UK GDPR and can act independently to make sure your council / charity stays on track.

We can give you someone available who can advise you on how to comply with the UK GDPR and stay compliant as your business processes evolves.

Every time your workflows change you will need to evaluate how the proposed change impacts on UK GDPR compliance. You will need access to a data protection specialist to assess the proposed change, provide advice and potentially training to ensure that your staff understand their responsibilities in order to minimise the risk of a data breach.

Our Virtual Data Protection Officer service provides you with access to a GDPR practitioner who can help you carry out Privacy Impact Analysis work as and when needed as well as annual audits and the provision of reliable data protection advice.

Our service will provide you with help when you receive Statutory Access Requests and they can even be on hand to help you cope with a Data Breach.

As we say, you don’t need to have a Data Protection Officer but when you find out how reasonable our rates are, you’ll wish you had.