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Privacy Survey shows lack of understanding

A recent privacy survey was carried out by DELL which polled 821 IT professionals across the world. It finds that 80% know little or nothing about GDPR, while a massive 97% said their companies don’t have a plan in place to implement the new law.

  • More than 80 percent of global respondents know few details or nothing about GDPR
  • Less than one in three companies feel they are prepared for GDPR today
  • 97 percent of companies don’t have a plan to be ready for GDPR
  • Only nine percent of IT and business professionals are confident they will be fully ready for GDPR


In the survey, conducted by Dimensional Research, 821 IT and business professionals responsible for data privacy at companies with European customers responded to questions about awareness, perception and readiness for GDPR, and the expected impact of non-compliance when GDPR comes into force in May 2018. The survey was conducted across the United States, Canada, Asia Pacific , United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain and Poland. Business executives at organisations with fewer than 100 employees also completed the survey.


According to Michael Tweddle from Dell, the survey also suggested that the IT departments felt most confident about being able to comply with impending rules related to email security. But they were much less confident when it came to those related to document access. (Under the GDPR, companies will have to create procedures that limit who can access shared files hosted on platforms like Dropbox or SharePoint.)

Those not fully compliant when GDPR goes into effect risk significant fines, potential breaches and loss of reputation.

GDPR Survey Results in full



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