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Media Wakes Up To The Fact That GDPR Is Here

The Media and Data Protection

Today saw the first inkling that there were great data protection changes about when both media organisations Sky News and the BBC ran stories about “The Right To Be Forgotten”. Whilst it is nice to see them wake up at last and start to talk about the story, the right to be forgotten is possibly not the ideal way to sell the story.

Government Issues Statement of Intent

The stories came about when the UK Government announced plans to bring in new data protection regulation as soon as parliament returns from their summer break in September.The Bill follows commitments made in the Queen’s Speech in June, and will effectively copy the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) into the UK statute book. The Bill’s primary aim is to ensure that the UK retains the same data protection laws as the rest of the EU once it leaves the EU, which is likely to be in March 2019.

No details of the proposed Bill have been publicly disclosed to date, so it remains to be seen whether the Bill will add substance to the areas that the GDPR allows to be decided by national law, and whether it will include further clarity on how sanctions will be applied by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office. This would follow Germany’s lead, after the German Federal Parliament in April of this year passed a new German Data Protection Act that adapted current data protection laws to cover derogations from the GDPR’s provisions.

The statement of intent follows our story of the issuing of a briefing paper by both houses

Confusion Abounds in the media.

Of course the fact that the media have dubbed this as the “Right To Be Forgotten”. This is going to cause another layer of confusion in an industry area which is already riven with uncertainty.

We will need to find a way of showing businesses in particular that the proposed Data Protection Act is in fact the same thing as GDPR or many will think that there is a choice!

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