Investigation of GDPR readiness

Investigation Areas

Our investigation will look at your current operation with regard to data protection issues in detail. At the end of the process we will tell you exactly what appears to be happening within the organisation. (It will often come as a shock to some of the senior management team). We will highlight areas of high risk and provide you with a road map in order to correct the issues.

Then we will look at permission consent throughout the company, checking to see how the permission is being obtained and how it is being recorded.

We will suggest ways of getting consent from previous customers. GDPR is retrospective in how it deals with personal data, so although you may have asked some consent questions in the past, were they enough? How will you stop your customers and prospects from opting out in their thousands?

Our team will talk with you database administrators to help re-design tables to allow the storage of new mandatory suppression fields.

Finally we will provide you with a series of recommendations for further work.  We will highlight if we think you have the correct people. Our team help you draw up the forms you will need to show how you are working to full compliance.

To find out how we can help you please contact us.