ICO welcomes UK Government confirmation on GDPR

UK Government Elizabeth Denham

Elizabeth Denham, the Information Commissioner has said in her blog that she welcomes the confirmation that the UK Government will implement GDPR.

The Secretary of State Karen Bradley MP used her appearance before the Culture, Media and Sports Select Committee to say:

“We will be members of the EU in 2018 and therefore it would be expected and quite normal for us to opt into the GDPR and then look later at how best we might be able to help British business with data protection while maintaining high levels of protection for members of the public.”

As already pointed out in previous posts on this site, Brexit will not take place until at least 2019 by which tine GDPR will have been law in Europe for over six months,

Importantly the ICO have suggested that they will be able to publish their revised timeline within the next month.

“Within the next month, we’ll publish a revised timeline setting out what areas of guidance we’ll be prioritising over the next six months. As ever, everything will be published on the ICO website”

This announcement will do a great deal to overcome the apathy currently identified in UK boardrooms where there is a genuine belief that GDPR will not be their problem.

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